Spill Response

At KPI, we have been exposed to a variety of different spill response scenarios through our experience in both commercial and industrial environments.  KPI has partnerships with a variety of contractors and suppliers for almost any spill setting because we understand how key it is to choose the right product and process for the current situation.


In hydrocarbon spill response, KPI utilizes oil and water separators prior to sorption products to reduce both product consumption and disposal costs.  KPI also has alliances with recycling facilities that may pay you for your recovered materials rather than charging you disposal.  


In unknown circumstances, KPI has classifier kits and strips to reduce implementation of worse scenario contingency plans.  A fire department response may be both costly and unnecessary if the product is easy to clean and dispose. 


Spill Products include:

 - Certified Spill Response Courses

 - Classifier Kits

 - Skimmers

 - Sorbent Pads

 - Booms

 - Bacteria

 - Activated Carbon

 - Plug and Dike

 - And More


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KPI offers basic spill response training - group discounts available. 

Sorption Products

Sorption is a process where one substance becomes attached to another.  There are a few different mechanisms by which spill response can be addressed. 


Absorption is the incorporation of a substance within another substance. For example a sorbent pad (solid) can absorb oil (liquid) either on the ground or on water.


Adsorption is the physical adherence or bonding of one substance to another substance. This process creates a film of the adsorbate (i.e. oil) on the surface of the adsorbent (i.e. floor dry)


At KPI, we can train personnel on-site to make the right decision in spill response to reduce risk as well as costs.  


KPI promotes the four 'R's - reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. We are implementing recycled rubber as a sorbent which will eliminate the consumption of raw resources. 

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