Bacteria and Amendments

KPI’s diverse client base encounters an assortment of pollutants, such as heavy crude oil, light chained BTEX, halogenated, chlorinated, and ethoxylated hydrocarbons, as well as phenols, alcohols, solvents, surfactants, detergents, and fats. 


Bioremediation is the controlled use of biologically active systems to produce chemical and/or physical changes in a confined and regulated environment. Our objectives for the bacterial division is to accelerate decomposition, improve environmental quality and reduce human health risks. The biological process is nature’s technology of choice, it consists of using techniques for enhancing naturally occurring microorganisms that can biologically transform and/or eliminate the pollutants, and bring these microorganisms in contact with the contaminants of concern.  


Biodegradable surfactants and emulsifiers are implemented to reduce the odor of hydrocarbons in soil and water as well as lift or release these contaminants from the substrate.   



Bacteria Brochure for Remediation
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5G/20L Pail - Larger volume upon request

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