Environmental Assessments and Remediation Plans

KPI specializes in reducing, reusing, recovering and recycling. As an environmental supply and consulting firm we seek out the best available technologies for environmental issues. From site investigation, evaluation and contamination remediation you can be rest assured that we are combining economics with environmental stewardship. Finding a new use for an unwanted product is the best way to save money and the environment. For example - a company who needs to dispose of oily pads is another company's fuel source for gasification. Or a company looking to reduce the green house gases emitted is another company's new source of CO2 for algae production. At KPI, we are constantly looking for both synergistic and symbiotic relationships. Our goal is to keep the customer happy and healthy! 

At KPI we have the experience and knowledge to connect the right technology to your situation. Give us a call today to see which product or service will be best for you!


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