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Our services at a glance:

  • Creating an environmental plan 
  • Strategic company and resource management 
  • Organizational and operational structure 
  • Project planning, management and testing
  • Assessing and developing a reliable environmental system 
  • Response planning and training
  • Optimization analysis


Education to properly utilize your own resources and personnel to save time and money.

Training and ongoing support keeps our clients successful and economical. 

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Environmental Assessments and Remediation Plans

KPI specializes in reducing, reusing, recovering and recycling. As an environmental supply and consulting firm we research and develop the best available technologies for environmental issues. From site investigation, evaluation and contamination remediation, we are combining economics with environmental stewardship. Finding a new use for an unwanted product is the best way to save money and the environment. 

At KPI we have the experience and knowledge to connect the right technology to your situation. Give us a call today to see which product or service will be best for you!


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Spill Response

Experienced in a variety of contaminants and environments we understand how key it is to choose the right product and process. Reduce resources, consumption and disposal volume to control costs.  Utilize sustainable recycling facilities to increase savings. 

Classifier kits and strips may eliminate implementation of expensive contingency plans.  Incorrect contaminant identification may be both pricey and unnecessary if the spilled product is easy to clean and dispose. 


Spill Products include:

 - Certified Spill Response Courses

 - Classifier Kits

 - Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria

 - Skimmers

 - Sorbent Pads

 - Booms

 - Activated Carbon

 - Plug and Dike

 - And More


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Bacteria and Amendments

KPI’s diverse client base encounters an assortment of pollutants, such as heavy crude oil, light chained BTEX, halogenated, chlorinated, and ethoxylated hydrocarbons, as well as phenols, alcohols, solvents, surfactants, detergents, and fats. 


Bioremediation is the controlled use of biologically active systems to produce chemical and/or physical changes in a confined and regulated environment. Our objectives for the bacterial division is to accelerate decomposition, improve environmental quality and reduce human health risks. The biological process is nature’s technology of choice, it consists of using techniques for enhancing naturally occurring microorganisms that can biologically transform and/or eliminate the pollutants, and bring these microorganisms in contact with the contaminants of concern.  


Biodegradable surfactants and emulsifiers are implemented to reduce the odor of hydrocarbons in soil and water as well as lift or release these contaminants from the substrate.   

Bacteria Brochure for Remediation
Adobe Acrobat document [155.7 KB]
249.00 CAD

5G/20L Pail - Larger volume upon request

Sorption Products

Sorption is a process where one substance becomes attached to another.  There are a few different mechanisms by which spill response can be addressed. At KPI, we can train personnel on-site to make the right decision in spill response to reduce risk as well as costs.  


KPI promotes the four 'R's - reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. We are implementing recycled rubber as a sorbent which will eliminate the consumption of raw resources. 

Bilge Buddy



PREVENT clogging or chemical damage to bilge pump


SAVE your boat and keep the ENVIRONMENT CLEAN


EASY to install, monitor and maintain


Bilge Buddy is a permeable ring-shaped remedial sorbent for your bilge pump to prevent hydrocarbons from being pumped from your bilge into the surrounding water.  Fuel, hydraulic oil or other hydrocarbon based contaminants can be removed using Bilge Buddy in your boats or other watercraft vessels. Bilge Buddy's hydrophobic (repels water) and petrophilic/oleophilic (attracts oil) sorbent material can be replaced without removing the device. Various sizes and styles are available upon request.   


The life of your Bilge Buddy depends on your boating use and engine integrity. Usual replacement requirements are approximately 3 years.  Disposal of spent material should be done in accordance to local government requirements. 

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18" Outer Diameter - 12" Inner Diameter

Product sold with an additional sorbent replacement

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18" Outer Diameter - 12" Inner Diameter

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Product sold with an additional sorbent replacement

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